September 2, 2011


Negative- absolutely devastated


Waiting for beta results. Waiting for power. Storm blows through, millions without power. We never lost it until last night! We are so at the bottom of the list for repair!

Last time they called around 2 with results. Waiting!

August 30, 2011


Well we are somewhat back to normal as far as Irene is concerned. The basement ended up with about only 2 inches of water that was just ground water coming up. We were very lucky in that respect. Others were knee deep and bailing out. We are under sewer restrictions since the water treatment facility has failed. So we are conservatively flushing and showering elsewhere. The last thing we need is to have the sewer back up in to the house.

On the FET front, I have been testing each morning to a BFN each time. I have had no real symptoms. Only this morning did I think that two things from yesterday might have been symptoms. First, I was extremely irritable yesterday. I lost it on DH when something with his sister came up (can't stand her!) and while normally a very calm person, I was literally screaming at him and throwing the F word around like it was my job! (speaking of that, I have not been able to get to work for the past two days because the power is still out there!) Anyway, then around 6pm last night a wave of fatigue came over me, like I had the flu without the flu. I thought I was going to fall asleep sitting up!! I was like a wet dishrag! So maybe those are symptoms and maybe it's just side effects or stress. Beta is Friday and as much as I try not to think about it, it's always there!!

August 28, 2011


We are ok. The order to evacuate came in about 2pm yesterday. We chose to stay. My parents left and went to my sister's house (their house...very confusing...see earlier posts). So far the roof is leaking in the garage..but not too bad.. the basement is filling with water in one area. It seems to just be coming up from the ground. Thank god we hadn't carpeted down there yet. Our power is still's amazing. My parent's power went out about 11 last night, but we are holding on. I haven't heard from anyone over there since about midnight. I hope they are getting some sleep.

My brave 11lb papillon went outside and did his business...I am so proud of him! The only other major issue (for me the arachnophobe) is the sheer number of crickets seeking solace in my home. My puppy is a champion in this area as well and leaving lights on is helping.

Tested at 4am after about two hours of sleep. It was negative, but don't know how accurate it is for FMU.

August 27, 2011


I am now off bedrest and extremely thankful for that! Now, we prepare for Irene. We have not been ordered to evacuate, which is quite amusing since the next town over (across the lake from us about 50 feet!) has been ordered to leave. I live next to a tidal lake (really just an ocean overflow) and about 4 blocks from the ocean in NJ. We have boarded up which has left us feeling very cave like. We have water, flashlights, batteries, candles, food, and I think we are prepared. Happy to have heard that Irene weakened a little overnight. The first bands of rain have just started to hit us. We are getting really heavy rains like once an hour. It's going to be a really long two days. Especially cooped up with my parents (see earlier post). But, of course, the main thing on my mind is going to the pharmacy before they close so I can start testing tomorrow!

August 26, 2011


So, still on bedrest and really going stir crazy! Absolutely no symptoms yet which is very different from last time. Clearly last time was all from PIO, so being that this time there is nothing that could be a good thing. Nice to know that I will read into anything including the absence of symptoms!

August 25, 2011


And so it begins....yesterday two very healthy little blasts were tranferred and one was left frozen since the other two looked so good! I am on bed rest for 48 hours and unlike last time....I am listening. I have only left bed to use the bathroom!  I will have my beta on 9/2. So here's tocounting down and tracking symptoms. (of which there are none yet....not even pio side effect sxs!)