July 27, 2011


Stole this from 999 reasons to laugh at infertility. A great site!!

July 26, 2011

Adventures in being me

So, I've decided, since I did not get the job, I am going to color my hair and be a little wilder in the color selection. I am thinking from the mousy brown I am now, I am going to go to this:

 Also, if I don't get pregnant this FET cycle, I am going to do something that I couldn't do if I were pregnant? Any suggestions besides drinking heavily?

Post Script: I look nothing like that picture, just like the hair color! :)

July 25, 2011

Start of fet

Went for my baseline ultrasound today. I start the lupron in the morning. But just for the record, I hate my left ovary. The little bugger always just hides up real high for senor wando forcing the dr to shove it even higher and push on my abdomen at the same time. I hate my left ovary!!!


Well, I didn't get the job. Just hoping that now I get pregnant and I find my true path. I don't know what I'll do if both don't happen!

July 22, 2011

Lady Luck

So, I have been up for a really big promotion at work...I mean huge! It's so big that there is a very slim chance that I will get it. That doesn't mean that I am not trying for it, but it's a reach. That being said, I have felt indifferent about it really over the past few days. I really couldn't understand this until today it hit me. I don't want to use up any luck I have in getting this job! I really want to get pregnant, I feel like if I get the job, then I won't get pregnant...now there's a special kinda crazy!!

July 21, 2011

Still here

Haven't posted in a while. Well I have been reading a lot of IF blogs recently...almost all which have turned into pregnancy blogs. While this should offer me hope, it's put me in a funk. I am prepping for my fet cycle in August already starting the bcps. DH left this morning for three weeks of military training. So, funkified am I.

July 3, 2011


Well, had the negative blood test, but when nasty AF reared her ugly head I knew for sure. I kept holding out some small hope that the test was wrong! I guess most go through that too. After speaking with the doctor during our WTF phone call, he thinks the problem is one of three things. Either my hormone levels were not right, there is a genetic issue with the embryos or a communication issue with them. So, we are starting to prepare for a FET cycle and will implant all three frozen embryos. Being that it's a frozen cycle and there is no retrievel, they can fool with my levels more closely and make sure they are perfect. Then, if it doesn't work, we know it was not my body, but the embryos. Then upon the second fresh cycle, they will biopsy the embyos to see if it is a genetic issue. They will only implant those without genetic abnormalities, (if there are any abnormalities, and/or if there are any without issues) then, if that doesn't work, we know it's a communication issue and that cannot be tested for or corrected and then we are looking at donor embryos. DH and I think regardless of what the testing reveals, we will exhaust our insurance coverage of the IVF before explaoring donors. So, that's where we are. Had my first glasses of wine today in a while and it felt good! Happy 4th of July all, expecially all you other army wives out there!