August 9, 2011


So, on top of all the FET protocols and dealing with that, I have been quiet about what's happening with my family. First, you should know that DH is in the military and has been away for three weeks. He is scheduled to come home Friday! Yeah! Well, with him gone, things have been hectic and crazier than usual. My sister and her husband have run into some personal problems (well him actually, not her) but they had to sell their house. So they and their FOUR kids (2, 6, 7, 8) are moving about an hour from their home into my parents house. (Which is three minutes from me). So, my parents are not prepared to live with four kids and my brother in law and sister so, they are moving in with DH and me until they can find a rental. I know, my parents are unbelievably giving and supportive! Well, my parents were supposed to move in next weekend..meaning the 19th and 20th. Now, it appears that they might be moving in tomorrow.

My sister wanted to enroll her older kids in sports for the fall, not realizing the practices started 8/1! So, the older three have been with my parents Monday-Friday for practice and going home on the weekends. My parents really can't do it anymore especially since two of the three are Type I diabetic and require a lot of special care. So, my sister is moving down early and therefore my parents are moving out early.

Now, I love my parents and get along very well with them, and do not have a problem with them moving in for a while. I keep, however, putting myself in my husbands shoes. If it were HIS parents moving in, I would not be okay with that! Now to top this off, my parents will be moving in before DH gets home, leaving us no alone time! He was noticeably pissed about it this morning, although he's too sweet to actually say it!

I don't know what to do to make it better. I am and have always been a people pleaser. How do I help my family with what they need and at the same time, make sure my DH is happy as well?? HELP!!!

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