August 23, 2011

Ready for some space

So while I wait patiently to find out if the FET is a go or not, my parents, who I remind you, are living with us! decide to inform me that they don't think my husband and I do enough around the house! Ummm...I'm do realize that criticizing the people you are living with for free because of your loser son in law!!!!??? I mean WTF!? My husband I..granted...we don't know much about owning our own home and find it difficult to find a lot of time for stuff are being criticized for it! I am ready to scream, cry, pull my hair out, hit someone, whatever...but I keep my mouth shut and listen respectfully because I have so much friggin Irish Catholic guilt that I cannot stand up to them! if the FET goes through and I am on bedrest, I will feel nothing but guilty the entire time!

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