August 12, 2011

Need to Vent- Not IF related! Most definitely hormone induced!

Ok So I hate my MIL. It's difficult to admit that since she is a very nice lady and goes out of her way to help everyone she knows including us. She has been a great help to us in a lot of ways. I could never thank her enough for her help in moving this past winter. Now of course there is the dreaded BUT...dum dum dum....

she drives me insane. First of all, I am no one to judge someone else, but I was an English major...although my spelling and grammar on here leave a lot to be desired. I do however, try my best to sound somewhat educated when I speak. I do not say shrimpS, mannograth (for mammogram) and a thousand other inaccurate, illiterate words! This is petty, I know. So, allow me to continue.

Her son has been away for three weeks. He is not, however, in the middle of the jungle, his cell phone works. She never called him. She texts me to see if he got home and then still never calls him!!

We are going away for a few days to DE with his family. (YEAH!! So looking forward to that!) {It's funny, because it was supposed to be for a week, but my transfer is smack dab in the middle so we had to cut it short!!} Last year when we were there (and left early due to some made up emergency!) we all went kayaking. My MIL texts me today (note 10 days before we even LEAVE for the trip) "single or double kayak." First of all, I know she has auto type which is the only reason she was able to spell it correctly. Second, why in the middle of my day am I being bothered with this. There is no way she is making any kind of reservation or anything, so WTF, why bother me about this. I wrote back, Don't to your son. To which I got the response..ok see you tomorrow. Ummm, I'm sorry WHAT? Since when were we informed that you were coming from PA to us in NJ tomorrow?

Now, I know that my parents are living with us, so I have NOOO means to complain about his mother coming down to visit for an hour while she is fawning over her daughter {really don't like calling her my SIL} but a little notice more than see you tomorrow. I'm sorry, and if we had plans???

Funny thing is she pulled this one other time when DH was away and I closed the doors, turned off the lights, and when she called to let me know she was in town, I told her was shopping at the mall with a friend and wouldn't be home for a while. She left without waiting, thank god...that was a possibility!

Also, my MIL is a lesbian. I have no problem with lesbians. I do have a problem with a woman pretending to love her husband and that she is in a happy marriage..all the while spending at least one night a week sleeping over her "friend's" house. Seriously!!! And DH doesn't see it. I don't think he wants to. Well, I don't know that for sure because we've never spoken about it. This is not something I want broach with him. How do you start with, "Hey, do you know your mom's a lesbian??"

Well, it's good to vent a little. I am soooo glad that no one actually reads this!!! Whew...ok done for now!

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