August 11, 2011


So, DH came home last night. I was so excited to see him! He called when he was close and I told him I was still at my parents helping everyone unload my sister's moving truck. Next thing I knew he showed up there and took off his ACU jacket and then jumped right in to start hauling boxes. I love him so much! {Plus he scored major brownie points with my fam for that one!}

Once we had everything unpacked, I brought my neices to cheering practice and then went home. Let's just say that it was a nice homecoming! After almost a month away, I really did miss him so much that it hurt. It was wonderful to be able to sleep next to him again last night. So, as he has a few days off now before returning to work, I left him sleeping and my parents at my house. I am wondering how the day is going with them all there together!

I posted the screwed up protocol issue on the n.est and all the girls on there said that I should definitely be calling my doctor. I could not bring myself to do that. I was way too concerned that they would cancel the cycle. I know they will do a b/w and an u/s before the transfer so if anything is screwed up, we'll know then.

I looked online and several other people did the same thing I did and ALL of the ones that I read got their BFP that same cycle! Maybe it's the secret!! Aren't we all so sad that we put our hopes into anything!! WE must laugh at it...or go crazy...

Trying to get through work today and tomorrow to enjoy the weekend with my husband!!

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