August 17, 2011

Home, Body, Soul

Well, my parents have officially moved in and it's been...interesting. We've had a few touchy moments, and it can get a little tense at times, but for one week in, I have to admit that it hasn't been as bad as I thought. My parents have their own space set up in the basement now. They have a tv, their computer desk, and our extra couches and chairs down there. That has helped at night at least. Thank god we were very fortunate to have moved into a fairly large house in February. I have been expecting to fill it with lots of babies, but for now it's ok.

On the other side of things, and definitely not helping with my moods, I have upped the Estrace to three times a day and still on ten units of Lupron a day. On Friday I stop everything, start the PIO and Arixtra and go in for bw and us. So, I'll get more information then.

My DH now does not have to go to training at the end of this month. He was able to get out of it with a note from my him!!! DH and I had a long talk and I really want him here for the beta and if it is positive for the first few weeks in case anything were to happen.

I made an appointment for a mani/pedi for the morning after my beta bloodwork on 9/2. I figure it's a good way to keep myself busy. I took the day off work, as I cannot get that phone call at work. I did the same thing in June after out first fresh IVF cycle. That didn't work out so well...good thing I am not least I don't think I am!

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